Learning is fun

This week in nursery the children have enjoyed playing outside with our new singing and dancing stage, the children have used the musical instruments to make music and sing. If you have any old pots & pans you do not require anymore please hand them into nursery.

The children were also digging in the soil and look what they found!- POTATOES

The potatoes are inside the nursery in our sensory tray for the children to investigate more. Please feel free to look at the photos and your child’s comments and add any comments or suggestions to support your child’s learning in the nursery. The Learning floor books are outside your child’s nursery room, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the nursery team if you can not see them.

Fun with an empty box, the children used their creative minds to make cars, a boat and some children just enjoyed sitting inside the box.


The children in nursery 2 morning went to gym this week with Mrs Paul-Bird the PE teacher. The children were learning how to move at different speeds, fast and slow while listening to music.

The children have been learning & having fun with numbers this week, using their bodies & different materials to make numbers 1-5.