Lunch & Afternoon Tea Menus

The menus below are for the 9am – 3pm class and the 8am – 1pm class.

At the bottom of the menu, you can also find the Afternoon Tea for each day.

Nursery Lunches : Each morning, the children will be shown photographs of the dishes for that day so they can make their choice of what to have for lunch. It is also a good idea for parents to talk about the lunches in advance to help make their decision an easier one.

Afternoon Tea : There is only the one option for tea. (But it’s nice! :))

These new menus are for April 22 – October 2022

Week 1 menu = starts on Monday 29th August 2022

Week 2 menu = starts on Monday 5th September 2022

Week 3 menu = starts on Monday 12th September then back to week 1 etc…