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At Cornhill School, our Primary 1 teachers use the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) programme. This tool allows us to record and share your child’s accomplishments and achievements with you. Your child is also encouraged to take photos of their work and post them on the ILD app, which builds on their self-esteem and gives them the opportunity to share their learning with you. We believe that the ILD portal really opens and improves the channels of communication between teachers, children, and parents.

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Play-based Approach

Play is an essential part of learning and development for children, and it’s an important aspect of creative approaches to teaching and learning in primary education. Play-based learning in Primary 1 is a valuable teaching method. It helps children feel more able to take the lead, make mistakes and form their own decisions in a safe space, without repercussions or ‘wrong answers.’

Please see the websites below for more information on the Play-Based approach in primary schools.