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Welcome to the committees page!

Committees are what the pupils of Cornhill primary do to contribute to what happens in and around the school.

These are the following committees:

The ICT/School News committee

The Fair Trade committee

The Visual impact committee

The International committee

The Playground committee

The Eco committee

The Gardening and Health committee

The Extra-curricular committee

The Fundraising (money hunting) committee

The Science Committee


The School News/ I.C.T. Committee

This year we have been starting our new school blog. We have written the information for this committee’s page. We have also been getting information about what goes on all around the school (or having a wee nosy!).We try to update and type up more recent information about the school, and also tidy up the computer suite.  We try and put up useful and important information.

The Fair trade Committee


The Visual Impact Committee

Picture 014

The Visual Impact Committee is painting the wall outside the hall. They are drawing scenes from around the school; lunchtime, the garden, playtime etc.

The International Committee

Picture 006

We have made a display of greetings in different languages in the corridor beside the I.C.T Room. We are making flags of different countries for a display. We are learning some words in Urdu. We are hoping to play music from different countries in the hall at lunch time on Friday.

The Playground Committee


We discuss outdoor games and indoor games and how we can upgrade the playground. It is fun to make up our own games for the playground.   It’s a really good committee with nice people and we get to learn different things and lots of activities. We make new friends and get to know new games. I like learning new games. People are enthusiastic and nice when we put new things in the playground.

The Eco Committee

We are working towards getting our silver award. The eco committee are working on reducing litter in the school grounds.  We hope to create posters to put outside and involve all classes in litter monitoring.  In order to get our silver award the whole school must be involved in making the school eco-friendly.  The eco executive has been selecting topics for each stage to focus on.  We will be sharing this with the classes very soon!

The Gardening and Health Committee

Picture 011

This year the Gardening committee has organised planting bulbs around the school grounds. Using potatoes we grew, we made chips! We are starting to learn about responding to emergency situations.

The Extra-curricular Committee


The Extra Curricular Committee have been organising a joint golden time for P3-P7.  There are 8 clubs to sign up to loom bands, art, dance and more! The extra-curricular committee have been organising materials and resources as well as doing surveys to choose activities and DVDs for the movie club.

The Fundraising Committee


This year the fundraising committee were doing an internet cafe to raise money for a scanner in the ICT room. This was held on the 3rd and 5th of November and the 10th, 12th, 13th and 14th of November. There is a Christmas jumper day coming up on the 12th December to raise money for Save the Children. We can’t wait!