Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1 Room 4

b, u, St Andrew’s Day, word building, addition and drawing club plus lots lots more in Room 4!

Our learning this week has been focused on:

  • Forming and recognising the letter sounds for b and u
  • Finding words with the initial sounds b and u
  • Building, making and writing CVC and CCVC words
  • Using dice and numberblocks to practice our addition facts to 5 and addition skills
  • Recognising and making numbers 12 and 13 with help from the numberblocks!
  • Thinking about our feelings – what makes us happy and sad. This was the focus of drawing club.
  • Celebrating St Andrew’s Day by listening to the story, creating mosaic flags, our very own tartans and Nessie’s!
  • In our play – we have been puzzling, building, imagining and creating. We even took a trip on the bus and later in the week went to the numberblocks cinema 🙂

We are continuing to practice common words – a, at, an, the, in, it, I, is, and, am, me, my

Have a look at our learning and play in the photos below.