Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1/2 Room 5

L is for lemonade

There was a lot of excitement this week in room 5 as we were making our own lemonade and our clay tea light holders. Both of these learning experiences were developing our gross and fine motor skills as we were moulding our clay into the desired shape, using our arms and strength to roll the lemons, cut them and pull the handle on the manual juicer.

The P1s were introduced to g and l and did a super job writing both sounds. The P2s were focussing on common words and learning to play noughts and crosses with their spelling words.

As it was Remembrance Day on Wednesday we were learning about the different colour poppies and what they represent. During expressive arts we made some fantastic red and purple poppy prints by using apples. We spoke about people and times in our life that we remember, why they are important to us and wrote about them.

In maths we continued to explore estimation and worked in small teams, looking at jars of objects to see if we could estimate how many there were. P1s investigated addition while the P2s worked on their subtraction using their number squares to help with the bigger numbers.

Well done to you all! 😊