Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1/2 Room 5

Last week of term 1 in room 5

Wow it has been such a quick term! Well done to P1/2 for all your hard work. Time for a well deserved break. We managed to fit so much learning and fun into our last week so here are some pictures for you to share with your family.

We learned about the numbers 8 and 9. It was great to see how happy the p1s were about finding the hidden number 8 picture 😊. The p2s were continuing with addition by using unifix cubes and the 100 number squares that they made, familiarising ourselves with “more than” and “less than”. We also continued investigating 2D shapes through abstract art. We studied other artists including the work of Kandinsky and were able to identify shapes within the pictures. You even managed to find a diamond ♦️! Your creations were superb.

The sounds this week were d, e, oa and qu. We made dinosaurs and eggs by practising our cutting skills, fossils using play doh, dinosaur rubbings and writing about queens and being quick.

P1/2 have been fascinated by the leaves🍁 in the playground so we brought some in to investigate and draw our own versions of leaves. On our last day we were very excited (me included) to learn about creatures that hibernate and test our very own experiment. In two teams we had “our animal” which was a glass jar filled with warm water. There was a 🦇 and a 🐞. We all were able to hold the thermometer before we checked the initial temperature and then looked at the number shown which was 50c. Each team decided how to make their animals cosy and this included digging a hole and using leaves to insulate. It was a rather cold 7c outside and when we tested the temperature later it had dropped to 15c. This led to fantastic conversations about what we could have done to keep our animal warmer. Plastic not glass, material to insulate, more leaves and a deeper hole. P1/2 amazing problem solving skills!

Have a great holiday and I look forward to many more adventures in term 2.

Mrs Clementson 👩🏼‍🏫