Reading Wise Info

This message is only for those children who are part of the Reading Wise groups.

**Parents please help with reading or explaining this to your child**


I just want to check in with you about Reading Wise. It’d be so good if you just spent 10 minutes (P2 and 3) or 20 minutes (P4,5,6,7) each day doing it, and then that’s you done part of your reading or literacy work easily.

If anyone didn’t get their login details from me last week, let me know and i’ll send it over to you.

To login:
Type ‘Reading Wise Login’ into Google.
Type in your name and password.

Please don’t share your ‘tokens’ amount on here, I can log in to Reading Wise and see it myself – remember it’s a personal challenge and everyone is working and learning at their own pace.

Try to complete it in a quiet space, so that you can hear what they are saying, or use headphones if you have at home.

If you have any questions or anything please get in touch, I’m here to help.

Miss Steel 🙂