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P5 Wednesday 25th Tasks

Morning Primary Five! Here are your three tasks for today!

1. Writing – We would like you to create a piece of writing today. You should persuade us that your favourite food is the best! For example, if your favourite food is pizza, you need to think of all of the reasons that make it the best (the melted cheese maybe!). Attached below is your success criteria. Choose whether you want to create a good, great or amazing piece of work and follow that success criteria! You can complete your piece of writing in your jotter!

2. Maths – Complete the game ‘Hit the Button’ which is linked below. Choose the ‘Times Table’ option and then from the ‘Hit the Answer’ section choose the mixed option! You can then practice the sums that you found tricky.

3. Science – As you would normally have science with the Science Ambassador today, we would like you to watch the following experiment which is linked below. Before watching the experiment you should make a prediction about what is going to happen! After you have watched it you should describe what happened in your own words!