Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School

Primary 5 Room 10

Happy New Year from P5 Room 10! We have been very busy since returning to school. We have been using our technology skills to create calendars for the new year. Each child gave a complimentary describing word to every classmate and we have used these to create our own wordclouds.

Our current topic is Natural Disasters and we got this off to a great start with learning about the layers of the Earth and how they cause volcanoes to be formed. We used oreos to help us remember the different layers and enjoyed eating them after! We created our own volcano experiment, have painted volcanoes and we are currently writing an explanation of how a volcano is formed.  As always we are working on developing our spelling skills. Our favourite way to practice is sensory spelling – we write our words in foam, flour, salt, build them with lego and use spelling beans!