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Cornhill Primary School

Space – Primary 4 rm 13

We have been learning about space. We learnt it takes 24 hours for the earth to fully rotate. We also learnt the earth moves 30899 km in a day. Also this week we created our own alien character descriptions. We tried to include adjectives and adverbs.

We learnt that it takes 365 days and 1/4 for the earth to orbit the sun. That is why there is only 28 days in February apart from in a leap year.

We also created a sundial. First we got a paper plate and drew the numbers from the clock. We then decorated our clocks. After that we made a hole and put a straw through it, then cello taped it on the other side.

In addition, we also learnt about some different jobs on a space rocket and the first day it took off. 308 people applied to be astronauts but only 3 people succeeded.

At home Olivia made her own space picture.