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Cornhill Primary School

Sunflower Art by Ebony

imageThis week we have been learning about Vincent  Van  Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings and trying to re-create these in our own way. First of all we had to create a symmetrical vase, so we folded a piece of paper in half and drew half a vase and a design on it on one side then we went over it with black crayon and folded it in half and used a ruler to rub the crayon so it would come out the same on the other side. After we made it symmetrical we coloured it in using water colours. Then we got an A3 piece of paper and coloured the bottom of the paper a colour with water colours then we stuck the vase on. We had to draw the sunflowers using oil pastels and we tried to include shading to make them look realistic. After that we decided where the  stems  of the sunflowers would go with wax crayons. Then we did a background with water colours then stuck the sunflowers down. Then we waited for them to dry and we were done! I hope you like our art!