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Kaspar Price of Cats – By Candice and Keisha

images (1)Last term our class read ‘Kaspar Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo, it is a very interesting book. It looks boring but I tell you when I started to read that book I loved it. You should read it.

It is set in 1912 and it is about a boy called Johnny Trott who works in a hotel as a bell boy. A rich lady comes to the hotel called countess Kandinsky, she has a cat called Kaspar . The lady was very nice and took Johnny to the opera but sadly gets hit by a bus. Johnny then takes care of Kaspar  but he is not meant to.

Kaspar does not eat or anything until a young child called Elizabeth makes Kaspar eat. Soon Johnny and Elizabeth were best friends. When it’s time for Elizabeth to leave the hotel to go to America on the Titanic, Johnny goes too. This is where the action really begins!