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One Kind Word

This week in class has seen us spending time thinking about kindness and taking part in anti-bullying week!

We kicked this off on Monday with wearing our own odd socks to celebrate difference. We then listened to Dave and the Odd Socks new song, One Kind Word. We then thought of some kind words that we could use towards others. We also spent some time reflecting on a time when we have felt hurt or upset by someone’s actions. We drew these on paper then scrumpled them up. After this we had a snow ball fight! We then picked up the nearest ‘paper’ snow ball and looked at the paper. Through discussion we realised that like paper once it has been drawn on, ripped, cut, folded, it can never be the same again. Much like people when unkind words or actions happen to them. We lastly thought about ways that we share kindness and designed some odd socks!

We have been practising our addition and subtraction this week with Mrs Murray-George and Mrs Grimmer. We even learnt the rhyme hickory, dickory, Dock.