Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1 Room 4

Back to school in P1 Room 4

The children in Room 4 are very happy to be back with their friends and they have been so busy recently!

Our learning has been focused on:

  • playing kindly, sharing and taking turns
  • having an awareness of others’ needs and feelings
  • recognising and forming the letters y, z, qu and x
  • recognising and matching lower case letters with their capital letters
  • learning about what a sentence is, then building and writing sentences
  • recognising o’clock times on an analogue and digital clock face
  • exploring the calendar and the date; days of the week, months of the year, seasons and sequencing time events
  • halving an object equally
  • in PE having an awareness of how we move around a space; throwing, catching and rolling different equipment; working individually and with others.
  • exploring the different animals found in the Rainforest, why it’s important and being mini explorers in our playground, looking for minibeasts!

We have been lucky enough to have a student teacher called Miss Coleman in class too to help us with our learning. There are loads and loads of photos below so please have a look at what we’ve been getting up to!