Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1 Room 3

Room 3 – Scottish Book Week

This week is Scottish book week and everybody has taken home these 3 wonderful books which we enjoyed reading in class this week.

We enjoyed learning all about birds and created our own bird feeders for the school garden. Some of us found these really sticky!

After we read ‘This is a dog’ we created our own page for the book. Some of us wanted to come up with our own animal and some of us wanted to draw an animal already in the story. We worked really hard to sound out some words while writing.

After reading Brenda is a sheep, we designed our own jumpers for Brenda and also worked on following the instructions at the end of the book to be able to draw our own sheep. You can see some of our work from the display below.

At the end of the week we voted for our favourite book and created a pictograph to display our results. You can see there was a clear favourite.

I hope you all enjoy reading your books at home and try out some of the great activities that can be found in your book bag.