Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School

Learning in P6 Room 8!

Our term one update has been written by Ashton, Gurbir, Max, Aiden and Miss Rennie!

Hello, we are P6 Room 8 and this is what we have done since coming back to school!
We have been reading the boy in the dress. It is a good book and was written by David Walliams. It is about a boy who wears a dress to school! We wrote letters to Dennis, the main character, to make him feel better as he was lonely and sad. We discussed as a class different ways Dennis could cope with these feelings and how he could help himself feel better. We have also been creating magazines to display our learning this term (photos of these will be posted when they are complete!). Within the magazine we will be showing what we have learnt about friendships, how to deal with different emotions and how to react to different situations appropriately. We have also learnt about the continents and started learning about Sikhism. We have been focusing on design this term and have created different outfits using material. We also used our team work skills to create life-size dresses using recycled materials. Within maths, we have been practicing our adding, subtracting, multiplying and division skills as well as learning to round numbers accurately!

Parent Information –
Homework and Home Readers will start after the October Holidays. Homework will be posted on Google Classroom.