Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P1/2 Room 5

Money, Knights and Lifecycles

This term we are learning all about money! We have been learning to identify coins up to £1 and primary 2 up to £2.

We thought about all the different reasons why it is important to learn about money.

Primary one have been focusing on identifying, ordering and adding coins up to 10p

Primary two have been recapping coins and are working on calculating different totals up to 30p.

Here is a glimpse of some activities we have been undertaking. LINK TO A GAME


As part of our topic on Castles we have been busy learning all about knights! We learnt that it took around 18years to become a knight and that lots of learning was involved. We created our own split pin knights and even made our own decorative initials in the style of medieval writing. We had to really focus…

In class we have also started a block on lifecyles. Each table has a special food plant to look after over the next few weeks- radishes, violas, chilli peppers and carrots! Every day our plant helpers make sure they are watered. Keep you eyes peeled for updates!