Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
P6 Room 8

August\ beginning of September Learning – post by Sophie

We were learning how to partition numbers from THTU. We were also learning how to take care of a African Snail because that is our new class pet. We were making snails and taking pictures of people’s faces that wanted to have their heads on their snails. We had to design it with the right things that we liked or loved on the shell.

We also made parachutes and everyone in the groups had to make different sizes to see which ones would go slower and which ones would go faster. In conclusion the bigger ones went slower and the smaller ones went faster.


We we have been feeding Alex everyday and we named him by doing a vote.

weve given him baths but the water was only a few ml because the snail can not swim so it might drown and Alex eats his cucumbers, apples and his calcium.