Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
2018/19 P4 Room 13

Room 13’s Learning

This week we have been learning about an artist called Shelagh Swanson. We had a look at her work on her website and discussed with a partner what we thought of the art and what it reminded us of. For some of us it reminded us of sunny holidays and some of our grandparents. Later we painted pictures inspired by her and the p6’s gave us some feedback on what worked and what we could improve on. We then used this feedback to make our pictures better. The P6s also shared with us what they had been learning about. They showed us the wheels they had made including information about Beatrix Potter.

Also this week we were learning about when we should use paragraphs. We learned the mnemonic TIP TOP which stands for time, place, topic and person. We know that every time we change one of these things we need to take a new paragraph by taking a new line and indenting. We worked in pairs to sort a story into paragraphs. We then wrote our own stories in a burger template to help us to use paragraphs.

We also learned about a Scottish designer called Gillian Kyle who designs lots of gifts inspired by Scottish brands and themes. We designed our own gifts. Afterwards we worked with a partner to discuss the similarities and differences between Gillian Kyle and Shelagh Swanson. We used Venn diagrams to sort our answers.