Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
2018/19 P4 Room 13

This Week’s Learning in Room 13

On Tuesday while the boys and girls were at choir some of us went into the garden to find some objects to create symmetrical designs. We were very excited to get outside, however it was so windy we had to come inside to create our designs in case they were blown away.

On Thursday we started to discuss ways in which we can look after our school environment. We are thinking about going into the school grounds to ensure there is no litter lying, we also thought about checking there were enough bins for litter and we also thought it was important to recycle things in the correct bins. With a partner we sorted some of the different things we might recycle at home into the different bins.

On Friday we alll dressed up for Red Nose Day and donated money to comic relief.

We also continued to build on our football skills by practising our dribbling and shooting schools.

After break on Friday we had a visitor into the class to share a story about the Christian church calendar. We learnt about the important events such as advent, Christmas, lent , Easter and Pentecost. After the story we had a chance to play, create arts and crafts and read different books.