Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
2018/19 P4 Room 12

The learning in room 12 this week


The children have been learning about the four compass points, angles and turns as well as learning to use words linked to position and direction. They were given questions and had to answer them: face north, turn 90 degrees anti clockwise! where are you facing now. You will see some photos of them working out the answers. Then they played a game in pairs where they had to answer similar questions. The first one to the end was the winner! Then, they peer assessed their work and gave each other some positive feedback. Have a look at the gallery below.

Topic – The world around us

On Wednesday, we got the maps out and were learning to identify features of our local landscape. We were looking specifically for rivers. We found two in Aberdeen, we also managed to locate where we are! This was very exciting.