Fun day out for all in Nursery

The nursery children had a successful visit to Westburn Park where they enjoyed a picnic snack and lunch. The children enjoyed meeting and getting together with the children from all the nursery rooms. They were able to show their parents and teachers how good they were at using the park equipment and being able to negotiate turn taking and problem solving during their days visit to the park. The weather turned out great for our nursery trip. On their return to the nursery we had a special visitor the “Critter Keeper.” who told the children lots of interesting facts about his snake, rabbit, frog, hedgehog, lizard and missing cockroach that appeared on his sweatshirt pocket.  Wheeeeeew!!!!!!!. The children and adults all enjoyed an ice-cream with sprinkles and even a chocolate flake. May I take this opportunity to thank all the parent helper for giving up their time to join us on our trip.