Learning about tadpoles in nursery

The children in nursery 1 & 2 went to visited their friends in nursery 3 and showed a keen interest in tadpoles. This week in nursery the children have looking after the tadpoles & using the magnifying glasses to watch them as the swim around.

The children have been learning about the life cycle of a frog and learning new words, frog spawn & froglets. We watched a short video to show the children the life cycle of a frog. the children have been learning that the tadpoles start as eggs (frog spawn) and hatch into tadpoles , they will grow their 2 back legs first and then their 2 front legs, then the tadpole tails will get shorter as their legs get stronger and then turn into frogs. Then tadpoles need to be returned to the pond.

The children have also been learning a new song.


Please look at your child’s learning book at nursery to see your their comments & more photographs. Please feel free to comment or make any suggestion of activities that will support your child’s learning.