Busy, busy, busy in nursery

The children have done a great job of looking after their sunflowers in nursery, remebering to water them everyday & now it is time for the children to take them home & plant their sunflowers in their garden & watch them grow.

Please send us photographs on ILD or take them into to nursery to show the nursery team.

The children were talking about which sunflower had grown the tallest & which was the shortest and some hadn’t started to grown yet. Some of the children were interested in finding out which one of their friends were the tallest/shortest. Miss Stevenson measured all the children in nursery & the children helped by taking photographs & holding the tape measure.

After a little discussion the children then helped her to make a sunflower height chart, the children chose what colour of paper they needed, then helped to cut out the petals & leaves. Please have a look at the beautiful sunflowers height charts outside your child’s nursery to see how tall they are.

The nursery children also went to visit Miss Devlin she has REAL caterpilliars. We will be going to visit Miss Devlin once a week to watch the caterpillars grow bigger & bigger & then turn into butterflies.

We read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’