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Cornhill Primary School

Making a jeely piece

Today we learned about Jeely Pieces! 

First, We listened to the Jeely Piece song and spoke about the different Scots words.

oot – out           wean/bairn – child         cannae – can’t          fling – throw 

                         piece – sandwich       jeely – jam 

Then, we made and ate our Jeely Pieces. Fit fine they were!

“It was yummy” – Vihaan     “It was delicious” – Robert   “They were fun to make” – Paige

“I wish I could eat this again! – Lucas     “It was a blast making the Jeely Pieces, cutting the bread was hard, making the triangles” – Shreejala

After that, we wrote our very own step by step instructions so you too can make your own Jeely pieces at home. Enjoy!