Nursery – Bird Migration

The Children from Nursery morning class noticed a V shape moving in the sky. They pointed this out to Mrs McGregor who explained that geese fly off to warmer countries before the Winter and that some birds stay in Aberdeen where food can be hard to find. We decided that we would help the birds by making a bird feeding station using some fat balls we found left over from last year. The children are keen to make a bird box and some bird cake. As a class we have shared some facts that we already know about birds and we will learn more facts from sharing stories, looking at books and researching on the IPad. Parents/ Carers can check out our garden area with your child and look at our floor book to find out about what we have learned. Watch this space……..


Our bird feeding Station

The children in nursery also noticed the V shape of birds & Miss McCook explained why the birds where flying away to a warmer city. We used the ipad to find out more information about birds & the children wanted to make them bird food. We have hung the bird food around the nursery & in the school garden & will keep a eye on them checking if the birds have come to visit the garden for food.

The children in nursery have also made a hotel for the bugs in Autumn time, with the weather getting colder & the bugs needing somewhere to keep warm. We used pallets of wood, we collected lots of leaves & sticks to put into the bug hotel. We used the ipad & computer to find out which bugs might visit the bug hotel. We are checking everyday if there is any bug that have crawled into the hotel for a stay.