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Cornhill Primary School

Term Three For P7 R18

This term we have had many exciting visits and fun work in our class. Recently we have had health week and we were learning all about sports, healthy eating and hoax calling.

Somebody from the Granite city boxing club came in to teach us all about boxing. We also learned about using it  for self defence only. We also were doing skipping and learned that it helps boxer get the rhythm and keep on their feet. Soon after we learned boxing moves like the hook, uppercut, The jab and the Right cross.

For healthy eating we designed a weekly menu for a family of four, While saving as much money as possible! First of all the teacher picked a range of supermarkets.  The winners were Summer and Nathan they spent £20.00.

For hoax calling were got scenarios and solved them. we also made a role play on the consequences.

The best thing of all was Flour Babies! throughout the week we took care of flour as if they were real babies. First we named them. I named mine Emma Buchan James  and then we got flour baby diaries!

We also had child smile come in we watched a music video of a singing dentist here’s the link if you want to watch it . They told us about tooth calculus and plaque.


Also a representative from the red cross came in to teach us about cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( or CPR for short.) she first took little Anne ( a Dummy.) and we form CPR on them. we done this by pushing onto their chest. .

We all enjoyed the third term of primary seven we can’t wait for term four!

By Corey-James  and Landis