Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School

We are developing our investigative skills….

As part of a block of science lessons on materials we have been learning about various properties of materials. This week we have been learning about wind resistance. Very technical!

We have explored this through the story of the three little pigs. First we related what we already know about the materials the pigs used from the story and discussed why they were good or poor choices. Then we listened to a story by  Jon Sciezska who tells the wolf’s side of the story which is very different…we says  that he sneezed!

After listening to this we decided to create our very own houses for the three little pigs. We had to make it puff and sneeze proof. We then tested its wind resistance using Mrs Ross’s big bad hair dryer!

Our results found that stones and blocks were the most suitable. Twigs, paper, cotton wool and pasta were not wind resistant materials!