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Cornhill Primary School

Fairyland 🐲🏰🔮

Our topic this term is Fairyland. The Friendly Dragon visited us one day and left a letter asking us to help rebuild Fairyland. He also left us a gold dragon (which we named Goldie) who watches us and tells the Friendly Dragon what we have been doing to help.

The first fairytale we focused on was ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We decided to make a beanstalk in the classroom. We used paint, chalk, felt tip pens, paper and crayons to decorate the leaves. Then we wrote stories about what we would do if we had a magic bean. We are also growing magic beans in the classroom. Some of them are really tall!!

We then decided that we would paint pictures of the Friendly Dragon. Although we haven’t seen him, this is what we think he looks like.

Last week the Friendly Dragon gave us a few clues about what our next fairytale might be. He left us some sweets. We guessed that the story was ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We each made a gingerbread house and also turned our home corner into a giant sweetie house! It looks good enough to eat!

Our fairytale this week has been ‘The Little Red Hen’. As a class, we discussed if we would help Little Red Hen if she asked us or not. Some of us thought we would and others thought they wouldn’t.

We are very excited to find out what our next fairytale will be!