Welcome back!

Over the past few week in nursery we have welcomed back all the children returning to nursery for a second year and we have welcomed lots of new children to our nursery. The children have been busy thinking about our the aims of nursery and what they would like our nursery to be like. The children have decided upon our nursery rules so everyone can learn in a happy and safe environment. 

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Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying the sunshine in the great outdoors. We have been busy collecting natural materials for our nursery garden and a big thank you to Junior’s dad who donated some tires for our nursery garden. We have had great fun cleaning them up and testing our balance on them. We have been building obstacles as well as exploring the school garden. We have also been busy decorating the nursery garden as well.

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We have also been busy preparing lots of delicious food for snack including making banana loaf, preparing fresh tomato soup and helping to make sandwiches. We enjoy eating snack together with our friends both inside and outside nursery. We also enjoy pretending to cook in the house corner too! 

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