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Cornhill Primary School

The Easter Journey

              image Primary 6 visited The Mission last week to take part in an Easter Journey.

This was a fun morning for all! We really enjoyed the active, multi-sensory learning approach and we travelled through the Easter journey. We all felt the excitement of the events of Easter as we were pulled along with the crowd and celebrated his arrival by cheering and laying palm leaves, before being encouraged by the leaders to turn against him and cheer for his crucifixion.

One of our favourite parts was learning about Jesus’ tomb and resurrection. We got to turn each other in to a mummy!

We learnt lots of new information about the Jewish festival of Passover and then about the events of the last supper.

The most important thing we learned is that Christians believe Jesus died so that they would be forgiven for their sins. After he died, Jesus was resurrected which means he came back to life.

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