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Motor Skills

Welcome to the Enhanced Learning Room.

Cornhill’s newest learning environment!


One of the weekly sessions that the children particularly enjoy in the Enhanced Learning Room is Motor Skills. We currently have a P2 group and a P3-7 group. Each week the children take part in some Fine Motor Skills activities with Miss Devlin, and develop their Gross Motor skills in the Community Centre Hall with Miss Paterson.

Fine Motor Skills tasks include cutting, drawing, threading, sticking, peeling, hammering, using tweezers etc. ‘Stations’ are a firm favourite with both groups. In these sessions the children spend a short period of time working on several different activities, all targeting a different skill.

During Gross Motor Skills sessions, the children work on their coordination skills by developing their ability to throw and catch in games such as basketball and tennis. In other ball skills sessions the children develop their ability and confidence in using balls of different sizes. The children also have the opportunity to improve their balancing skills. We love finishing off our session with a dance or a relaxation exercise from Go Noodle!