How to Embed Video from GDrive

  1. First make sure your settings on the video in drive are set to “Anyone with the link” can view.
  2. In Drive open the video (double click on it to start playing).
  3. Click on the 3 dots in the top right and choose “Open in a new window”
  4. In this new window click on the 3 dots top right again, this time choose “Embed item…”
  5. Copy all the code that appears in the box “<iframe> etc….”
  6. Go to your post or page in WordPress
  7. Click on the blue ‘+’ button in the top left
  8. In the search for a block box enter “html”
  9. Choose the only widget in the search result “Custom html”
  10. Paste the code from step 5 in to this box
  11. Publish!