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Minibeasts 🐝🦋🐛🐞🐌🐜🦗🕷

As part of our minibeast topic, we have been looking after different bugs. We have been looking after butterflies, ladybirds, silk worms and snails.   

Cornhill Caterers in Room 13

We have been learning about the Royal Wedding this week. We created our own fabulous, fancy menus for the happy couple. We decided to share a few. #finefood #royalweddingfever  

Rosehill Co-op 🙀

Today was very exciting for Rosehill house and vice captains because we got invited to the opening to cut the ribbon and represent the new shop. We ( Abbie, Bivisha…

What’s the time Mr Wolf? ⌚️🕰⏰

We have been learning to tell the time.