Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
2018/19 P2 Room 6

Developing our reading skills 🧠👀 📔

In class this week we have been focusing on the skill of summarising. We brainstormed what we thought summarising meant. We thought it related to talking about  things you know. We had a good basis of understanding.

Summarising means when you put something you have read into your own words.

We undertook some activities based upon types of houses around the world. Some of us were reading to find out the different materials homes are made of- grass, stone, snow , mud, wood etc. Others had examples of homes in different countries and had to summarise what types of homes were most prevelant there. It took lots of concentrating and focus.

As an extension we worked with a peer to try and match the names of the countries we looked at the types of houses they have. It was tricky but we worked well!