Cornhill Primary School

Cornhill Drive, Aberdeen

Cornhill Primary School
2018/19 P2 Room 6

All aboard mateys… ⚓️🗺🚢

Following on from our learning last week about the occupations of pirates on board their ships we have been busy applying for different jobs on the room 7 ‘voyager of the the 7 seas’. Firstly, we had to look at the different roles and decide which skills and attirubutes we felt we had. We then looked at the job requirements for aboard the ship. We each filled out a job application for the role we felt best suited us.

We then worked alongside a learning partner to undertake our interviews. We had to think of questions to ask; we came up with some reflective questions. Some examples were…

Do you get sea sick?

How will you fell be away from your family?

How would you cope with sharks around?

we had great fun and have now all been allocated a role aboard our ship and are setting sail at sun up….