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Cornhill Primary School

Flour Babies – Room 17 🍼

PHEW! We have had a very busy week looking after our flour babies! This week we were given the task of looking after and caring for our flour baby as if it was a real baby. We were very lucky to have two teachers speak to us about birth and looking after a new baby, and we even got to see a real nappy being changed. We definitely learnt a lot about the responsibilities of being a new parent.

Some of the things we enjoyed this week were:

  • Naming our new babies
  • Finding out the gender
  • Our babies kept us company
  • When we were bored, our babies made us happy
  • We enjoyed reading to them
  • We enjoyed singing to them
  • Some of us enjoyed holding them

Things we found challenging this week were:

  • Holding the baby (our arms hurt!)
  • Not being able to do what we want
  • Having our babies all the time
  • Finding a responsible babysitter
  • Going to the toilet!
  • Not being able to leave our baby
  • Eating our dinner
  • Getting Dressed
  • Being Embarrassed when out with our baby

Things we learned this week:

  • Looking after a baby is HARD work, you don’t get any time for yourself
  • How to change a nappy
  • How to swaddle a baby
  • How to bathe a baby
  • That babies need lots of attention (we knew this but hadn’t realised just how much!)
  • Babies need a lot of things
  • Babies cost a lot of money
  • You go through a lot of nappies and wipes in a week!
  • We learnt about the techniques authors use in children’s books
  • We learnt to create suitable toy designs

For most of us this was a really tough but enjoyable week! We will miss our flourbabies but are very glad to get back to normal!