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Cornhill Primary School

Social Skills 👬

Another important part of working in the Enhanced Learning Room is to help improve communication and social skills.

We have our own task boards to show the jobs we have to complete in our session. We work very hard to complete them and once all the tasks are finished, we have a little bit of time to “Chill Out” with the other boys and girls working in the room.

We love this part of the session and as we chill together we don’t even realise, but we are learning more about sharing, cooperating, communicating, being a good friend and taking turns!

Just before we head back to class, Miss Devlin and Miss Paterson may award us a tick towards the “Appreciation Station” if they have been super impressed with our work and social skills. Once we have earned enough ticks, we get a token for the treasure chest and a little reward pops out!