Room 7 Ladybird Challenge!

Room 7 have had a fantastic start to the term! We are settled into routines, happy, excited about our learning and gaining independence in leading our own inquiries.

The class have taken the lead in following their interest in mini beasts; setting up a Science Laboratory and sharing their spotting of ladybirds in the playground. Following on from this, Miss Derounian has got the class taking on the role of Scientists to help with the Ladybird Challenge project, which is running all across the UK. We are investigating the number of 7-spot ladybirds, harlequin ladybirds and dinocampus wasps (don’t worry, they are friendly!) so the scientists can find out if they are affecting our ladybird population. We began our project with an outdoor learning adventure to see if we could spot any of these creatures. Our results were very interesting, which you can see in some of our reflections. Ask your child to share their findings, predictions and conclusions!

Keep an eye out for more updates on our Ladybird Challenge and why not join in at home too through the link below: